Chanel WOC Review

Let me begin this review by saying, I love my little WOC, which is literally a wallet on chain that also fits my phone, a lipstick, a pen and eyeglasses. My phone is a huge iPhone Plus with a hefty frame, so those with smaller phones should be able to fit in perhaps one more thing like a compact or a small notebook as well as keys.


Caviar leather WOC, around USD 2100.   


The WOC with the chain doubled









While I have seen reviews of people using it as their daily bag, I cannot. I lug a lot of stuff around, so while it doesn’t work for a daily bag for me, it’s great if I have to nip out for a bit to meet friends for coffee. And of course, it makes a great bag for errands, and works well for the night.

The WOC has 6 card slots, two zippered compartments, and a little additional space. It  can  be carried 4 ways: As a cross-over, as a shoulder bag by reducing the chain, as a higher shoulder bag with double chain – which is the dressiest option and gives it a very Chanel Classic look (not bad for half-price), and as a clutch, with the chain tucked inside. It could also be carried as a wallet in your handbag. I’m not doing that though because my Marc Jacobs zip clutch is still going strong. I’m saving my WOC for nights out.

You don’t NEED this bag, but if you’re in the market for a little cross body to run around with, this is a very pretty option. Most cross-bodies have fat straps, which I don’t like. The strap on the WOC is delicate and has a lovely shine because of the way the metal has been cut.

Needless to say, you WOC will last decades. Also, it’s a Chanel, so brace yourself for the compliments.