Update: LVoing Louis Vuitton

In my earlier article LVoing Louis Vuitton: How much is too much to spend on a bag? I had written about considering purchasing a Louis Vuitton handbag. The bag my husband eventually bought for me was the Speedy Bandoulier in black (actually navy but totally looks black), size 25.

The Speedy b 25 is small enough to wear formally at night, as well as to carry during the day if I’m not lugging a lot of stuff around. It fits my bulky wallet, sunglasses, spectacles, cosmetic pouch, phone, keys.. and has room left over. Speedy bags are very roomy despite looking small.

However, I have had issues with the bag strap. Before a year was up, the strap started getting unclipped and my bag would just slide down. When it hit the pavement a couple of times, I took it to the store. It was under warranty, so they sent it to Paris. I got the strap back a month later, but soon after the edging on the strap started to peel off. Needless to say, I was horrified. I removed the entire edging, and although I did a fairly neat job, I could not bring myself to carry it like this. I kept the strap away and now carry the bag by the handles.

The straps on my other LV bags are going strong. It’s only been this one. Moisture in my cabinet? Indian weather? Who knows what’s to blame! The bag by itself still looks perfect though – not a scratch. The leather is like iron. And it looks good carried by the handles, so I’m not in too much pain.

I’ve recently ordered a funky Kate Spade bag strap to wear with my little Speedy b. I’m hoping it will last me a few years – probably longer than the LV strap!


PXRU7849_974    louis-vuitton-speedy-bandoulière-25-monogram-empreinte-leather-handbags--M42401_PM2_Front view



I ordered it online and had it delivered to my brother in San Francisco. When he flies down to Bangalore he will bring it down for me. I can’t wait! I’m as excited as though I’ll be getting a new bag!

TIP: If you’re bored with a bag and haven’t been carrying it much, simply change the strap to give it a new, funky look, and you’ll love carrying it all over again. Keeps the excitement alive without breaking the bank.



Speedy B Heaven

I must admit, I wasn’t too excited about going to the Louis Vuitton boutique here at UB City, because I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything. As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband is in the United States, and the rates there are a lot less than in Bangalore. But as I needed to get a final decision on which bag I wanted, I knew I had to make the trip, see the bags in person, harass the sales people a bit to show me all the bags on my list, in all the colours, strut around in them, and decide once and for all. Just seeing the bags on the website is not the same. You really do need to model it a bit before deciding.

So my options were the Lumineuse PM in Orient – ie the orange colour, the Artsy MM, colour undecided, and the Speedy B in Orient.

I tried them all out, and fell in love with the Speedy B, monogram empriente, in Infiny – the dark blue/black shade. It was OMG Awesome. Although I thought I wanted the Orient, I changed my mind when I saw the Infiny.

First of all, the size, Speedy 25, was perfect. Yes, it’s too small if you need to lug files along, or a magazine or an iPad, but I just need it for my wallet, sunglasses case, make-up pouch, cell phone, little notebook, pen, keys and a couple other random items like a hairbrush. I would certainly be able to fit all these items into the Speedy 25. And the greatest advantage of the

1. small size, and

2. colour,

is that it works perfectly as a super stylish evening bag too.

The gold hardware looks awesome against the dark blue colour.

Unlike the traditional Speedy, the Speedy b comes with a strap, so it can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder, or the strap can be removed and it can be hand held. It looks great whichever way it’s worn.

So I came home and called my husband with the info, and he loved the bag too. He bought it for me the same day! Yes!!!!! Come home soon baby! I can’t wait to see my new beauty!