Dark Armpits


Dark armpits are so annoying! We may not have a single hair over there, but it still looks as if there’s a stubble we haven’t gotten rid of. Ugh!

Underarms look dark not just because of the underlying hair that we can’t get rid off when shaving, but also because of the constant friction and rough treatment underarms are exposed to, like wearing tight polyester tops or sari blouses for instance. So what to do?

Shave with care

Indians have dark hair, and when we shave we only get rid of the surface hair. Hair just under the skin is still visible, and shows through, lending a dark tone to your underarms. Often this causes your armpits to look dark. Also, the abrasive action of using a razor on your armpits causes the skin to harden and darken. Apply a mild shaving cream before using a razor.

Try shaving at night so your freshly shaved skin has time to rejuvenate before being exposed to bacteria in the environment. Apply a calamine lotion to sooth skin after shaving, and if possible, increase the gap between shaves to give the skin a chance to absorb some of its natural oils.


Make sure the wax isn’t too hot. Follow up with lacto calamine to soothe skin. However, the problem with waxing is you need to wait for the hair to grow before you can wax again.

Don’t wear tight polyester clothing

It doesn’t let your skin breathe. Opt for pure cotton shirts during the day. If you must wear polyester, let it be loose around your armpits and wear it only for a short time.

Don’t be rough

Wash your underarms gently, don’t scrub with a pumice stone. Apply good quality, gentle deodorants.

Laser therapy

Laser is a great option. True, it doesn’t come cheap, especially if you factor multiple sessions. If price is an issue, then don’t go in for too many sessions. Even two sessions will drastically reduce hair growth. If you shave after that your armpits will not appear dark – especially if the darkness is due to underlying hair and not pigmentation. In addition, you can increase the gap between shaves.

Cucumber juice and lemon

Apply a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice to hair-free armpits. Wash off whenever convenient, or even the next day. In case your underarm skin has darkened, this will help lighten it.




Black Spots on Legs

Hi Beautybuzzerdiv>

I really really need ur help.
Okay my problem is this:
 For about 3-4  yrs I shaved my legs. I avoided waxing because of the pain and inconvenience. Now my legs are full of tiny tiny ugly looking thousands of black-brown spots. Please please help me get rid of them. I tried all home made remedies: haldi, lemon, besan, curd, tomato… You name it, I’ve done it!  But to no effect. I consulted a dermatologist who said laser hair removal would help, but I have my doubts, because its the scars and spots that I am bothered about, and not just hair.
The hair on my legs is thick  and black, and my skin is v light.
Please suggest a permanent cure … and also a dermatologist who can actually help me out with it.
Awaiting response.
Ur my only hope now.. pls help.
Best Regards,
Hi M,

Black ‘spots’ after waxing or shaving are very common and are especially visible if you have light skin and a fairly thick hairgrowth. If you want to stick with shaving, always remember to shave in the direction opposite to hair growth.

Try using a pumice stone regularly in the shower. After applying soap, GENTLY scrub your legs with the pumice stone.  You could even try scrubbing your legs with a loofah or rough washcloth in the shower. Follow up with a body cream. 

You could also try switching to an electric razor. Set the blade so it doesn’t cut too close to the skin. The hair will still be invisible, but you will be able to feel it if you run your hands in the direction opposite to hair growth. And, you will never get in-growths again!

I’d suggest trying to get your hands on Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. It’s a fantastic product, conceals most imperfections and makes your legs look fabulous! You can get it from cvs in the US, I’m not sure where u can find it in India.

Laser will definitely help, because the spots are formed by ingrown hair, dirt, and dead skin around the hair follicles. So once the hair is permanently gone, the spots will go too. However, as laser is very expensive, it could be a last option. First, try switching to an electric razor, and exfoliating.

Hope this helps! If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to write in! Also, read my article on hair removal for some more information.