The Lauren 1980 – Bottega Veneta

A few weeks ago, I received an SMS. Ferragamo was on sale! I had my eye on a pair of nude shoes, so that evening, husband in tow, we walked to UB City, a beautiful mall in Bangalore which houses Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo and a few other top-end brands.

Unfortunately the shoes I wanted were not on sale, so I decided against making a purchase. I tried on a few other sale items, but the ones I liked were not available in my size.

We left Ferragamo and stepped into Bottega Veneta. And there, my eyes fell on this beauty: The Lauren 1980 clutch, named after Lauren Hutton. I sat with my husband at the coffee shop outside, and did a quick google search for reviews, but surprisingly, didn’t find many. Anyhow, I didn’t really need reviews to tell me that I loved it, because I had held the bag in my hand, felt the soft leather, and was in love.

We finished our coffee, retuned to the store, and I left with a small bag and a large smile ūüôā

The Lauren 1980

Since I have bought this beauty, I have carried it a lot  Рboth during the day for lunches, as well as out at night. It has proved to be very versatile for a clutch.

Here are some of the reasons I love it:

  1. It is large (7.1*11*3.1 inches), hence practical, and can easily fit my phone, spectacles, sunglasses, keys, pen, small make-up case. I’m over the age of 40, and need to carry my reading glasses with me everywhere. While I can manage without them… damn!¬†It’s a pain! So a larger clutch works great. I have a couple of other small clutches, and it is nice to have this as an option.
  2. The quality of the leather is smooshtacular. It is soft, so durable, and looks amazing.
  3. I received a lot of compliments when I carried it. My friends instantly recognised it as a Bottega clutch – which, I guess, is good? Although different from the usual BV clutches, the criss-cross weave is unmistakable.
  4. It looks like a pouch – and there’s something vintage and old-fashioned about it which I like.
  5. It is also the perfect size to tuck under your armpit without it doing the disappearing act. So you can keep your hands relatively free. In comparison, you cannot tuck box clutches under your arms without feeling uncomfortable.
  6. It is going to last a long, long time.
  7. I rarely carry my other handheld clutches because they fit so little! I keep them exclusively for parties. In comparison, I have already carried this about a lot.
  8. It can be dressed down because it’s not flashy, and dressed up, because the quality is unmistakable. Perfect for dates – and for that, “Hey, I’m not even trying!” look ūüėČ This ol’ thing?

(And what a fabulous thing!)


Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch

A quick update on the beauty in my bag!

Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch

Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch


When I bought this zip clutch two and a half years ago, it could hold my money, cards and cell phone.I could rush out of the house holding just my wallet/clutch, and have all my essentials with me.

Now things have changed – more specifically, my phone has changed. It is a monster 6 plus. A bulky case serves to make it even fatter, and there’s no way its fitting into my gorgeous wallet. I can no longer use it as a clutch unless I’m okay with carrying¬†my phone in my hand. Which I’m not. I’d rather carry a bigger bag.

Having said that, I do love my MJ. It feels so special every time I pull it out of my bag to pay for a purchase. The leather is soft and the quilting looks and feels luxurious. One of the two little pockets in front hold passport photographs of everyone in my family so I always have them on hand, while the other pocket holds change.

I would recommend this wallet more for its aesthetic qualities than its practicality. It doesn’t fit into my slimmer bags, and for this purpose alone I would not buy it again unless I have more than one wallet. I am¬†however going to use this wallet until it falls apart – and that’s going to take a long, long time. It still looks new – and I have used it every single day for the last three years.

Which is good.

And bad.


Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch

I desperately needed a new wallet. My older one was falling to pieces, and it was anyway pretty useless. It was bulky, and my cash didn’t fit into it because the cash compartment was too narrow for my larger 500 or 1000 rupee notes. I could fit in a few 100 rupee notes, and had to fold in a couple of 500 rupee notes. It was totally impractical, especially since I always liked carrying cash with me in case of emergency, So I had to carry my wallet in a purse, and I always carried cash in the zipper compartment of my bag. Every time I changed bags, I needed to remove my wallet, my phone, my cash, my make up case, my sunglasses case, notebook, pen etc etc, and move it from one bag into another.

I decided I really needed a new wallet when I noticed that every time I was driving the car, perhaps to drop my daughter to a friend’s house, I also had to lug my bag around, even if it was just to be sitting in the car, because I needed the essentials, which were;

My drivers license

Credit cards


Some cash

So I started my hunt for a wallet that would accommodate all these things, and found it in the Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch.


First of all, most LV wallets, which I was also considering, are triple the price and are slightly smaller in size (eg. the LV zippy, which was one of my choices). The zippy does not fit 1000 rupee notes. It may fit one note with some difficulty, but not if you’re just dumping them in.

The Marc Jacobs wallet is 8 inches, as compared to the 7.5 inch zippy.

I considered a bunch of other wallets too. In fact, I spent an entire week going through possibly every single website, trying to find the perfect wallet for me. And this was the one I zeroed down to. What can I say? I am in love.

I can use it as a small clutch, and as a wallet. It fits my iphone 4, my cards, my cash, including a bunch of 1000 rupee notes, and one small lipstick tube. Switching bags is suddenly so much easier. I also find myself carrying just my wallet with me all the time, because if I’m stepping out for a short while, it’s all I need.

It’s also something that looks good inside and outside the bag. It can be carried with you at night, even with¬†a dressy outfit, and it makes a perfect clutch.

My husband got it for me at Barneys for 395 USD, plus tax. It’s a third of the price of an LV Zippy, and is much more versatile as it also doubles up as a clutch, and like I already said, it holds a lot more.

I did a lot of research on the durability of the wallet, and many users have written about how they have enjoyed their zip clutches for a number of years.

The leather is gorgeous. It is soft, and the quilted  pattern on the back makes it look rich and luxurious.

There is a flap at the back which I use for sales receipts. There are 12 credit card slots, and there are two bill compartments, There is also another zippered compartment in front along¬†with two small buckled pockets. These compartments are great for small important slips of paper which you don’t want to lose track of, like little credit notes.



It’s also super-stylish. It doesn’t scream the brand and¬†is a high-quality and practical item that will last for years.

I read somewhere about it being heavy, but I haven’t found the weight to be an issue at all. If you have a bag which is anyway heavy, then this will add more weight to it. It is heavier than your regular wallet though, so keep that in mind. My bags have always been fairly light, so adding a marginally heavier wallet is¬†not even an issue.

In a nutshell, it is FABULOUS!

Cleaning Stains from your Damier Azur LV

Diwali season =¬†cards! I love gambling, and I love dressing up in saris for the¬†card parties. And now, with Diwali just a few days away, parties are in full swing. I wore my Eva Clutch for the first time at a lunch bash. It looked great with my sari, and I had a lovely time. When I reached¬†home, drunk and broke, and emptied my purse so I could put it safely in my dustbag, I noticed a small red stain. Oh damn! How did that happen!!?? I cursed the appetizers and the ketchup, wondering what¬†fell on my bag and how was it I didn’t notice – and that’s when I realised… it was colour transfer from this sacred thread the pandit had tied around my wrist during a puja. So it wasn’t just a ketchup stain, it was dye, and it was never going to come out.

But guess what. It did!

I went online and browsed through a number of tips. I’m consolidating all those tips here, so you can try them out if you ever stain your Azur LV.

1. As soon as you drop something on your bag, wipe it off immediately with baby wipes. So it’s a good idea to always keep a sachet of baby wipes in your bag. The sooner you get rid of the stain, the better the chances that the stain will come out.

2. Take a regular eraser and try erasing the stain. Some stains will come off easily with this.

3. Rub with a damp cloth.

4. Take some soap on a toothbrush and brush the stain gently. Wipe the area afterwards with a damp cloth to remove all traces of soap. A lady on purseforum said she saw a sales assistant try this on a damier azur bag that had been brought in by a customer.

5. Take a magic eraser and cut off a small corner. Wet that little piece and squeeze out all the water as much as you can. Then, gently, start scrubbing the affected part with the eraser, in small, circular motions. If you scrub it too hard on the blue check print, the blue colour will start coming off. Try to limit the erasing to the white portion only. This is what finally removed my stain.

6. Try using make-up remover, or alcohol-based toner. You could even try bag cleaners made by other companies. I have a bag cleaner by Coach, and if the earaser hadn’t worked I was going to try that.

7. If you want to go a step further, try acetone or nail-polish remover. Chances are this can damage the blue/grey print so use it very carefuly and sparingly, to remove only the stubbornest of stains that you haven’t been able to remove by other methods.

8. Other things I would try would be applying Clorex bleach or diluted Vanish on an earbud, and gently rubbing the affected area with that.

Any more tips guys?

The Eva Clutch

Eva Clutch, worn cross-body with the chain hanging out front

My husband, my dear, dear husband, bought me TWO Louis Vuittons!!

Now, excuse me while I pause to¬†shriek¬†in delight….

As I wrote in my previous post, Raj, my husband, my dear, dear husband, initially bought me the Speedy b that I had asked him to get. When he was in the store, the Azur Speedy caught his eye. He went back a second time intending to buy me that. When he consulted the sales lady, she guided him in the direction of the Eva, which is what he ended up buying. It was supposed to be a surprise, but because he just cannot keep anything from me, and because he lurvvves me, he blurted it out on the phone to hear me… what else… shriek!

I have been researching the Eva clutch with¬†maniacal intensity and have decided that I love what I see. It’s versatile as it can be worn formally with the short chain or casually by hooking on the long strap. Both straps can be removed and it can be carried as a pure clutch, but its much prettier with the chain. The chain can also be worn in a couple of ways, the strap can be made longer and shorter, and basically I can create a number of looks for the clutch. I can also chuck it into my Neverfull or Speedy b and use as a wallet or cosmetic case. ¬†So I’m going to be using this baby all the time, that’s for sure.

I have a Bottega knot clutch which is pink, and I don’t get to carry it around that much. I certainly do use it, but somehow I tend to take it to more formal¬†occasions. If it’s just a lunch out with the girls, my Bottega stays in my closet. I can, however, see myself taking the Eva out with me a lot, which is great because its just so much more bang for the buck.

The Azur is probably not the ideal colour for nights out although I just might be able to pull this off as a contrast. At any rate, we do get called for a lot of brunches and I can definitely carry this with me for formal occasions during the day, if not at night. The Mono Eva or the Eva Damier Ebene, which are both brown, are more appropriate if you are looking for something that you can also easily carry off at night as well as during the day.

For me, well, this will do jes fine! ūüôā