Sexy Hair

Some of us are born with it, some of us, well, aint. Not even close. I’ve struggled with dry, curly and flyaway hair all my life, and once came close to shaving off my locks in the desperate hope that they may grow back gorgeous. Thankfully sense prevailed. So now, when I hear someone say, wow, you have lovely hair, you can imagine how nice I feel. Actually, I’ll take that back. You can’t imagine how goddamn awesome I feel. Wow!

I was born in the early 70s, and grew up in an era of Parachute oils. No one used conditioner, at least, our parents didn’t, so I only discovered it when I was in my very late teens. Some of my friends had just started using it, but I thought it was all balderdash… Well, now I know better! It took me time to master the use of conditioner, remember, these were pre-internet days, but thanks to my stylist, a few fashionable friends and beauty mags, I figured it out.

Today we are innundated with a choice of conditioners for every type of hair, hair serums, leave-in conditioners, and so many other fantastic products that there’s simply no excuse to step out with anything less than fabulous  hair.

Conditioning your hair regularly will help your hair get healthy, and this is the first step to glorious locks. Here’s how you condition:

After shampooing, towel dry your hair gently. This will prevent the conditioner from getting too diluted with the water in your hair.

Apply conditioner generously, concentrating on the ends. Comb through GENTLY with a wide toothed comb to distribute the conditioner evenly in your hair. To deep condition, apply conditioner with a hair colour applicator brush, massage, and steam for around 15-20 mins. For normal conditioning, leave on for at least 5 mins before washing off.  

What conditioner should you use? Kerastase is my personal fav, but L’Oreal is a good option if you don’t want to spend so much.

Wash your hair with as cold water as you can stand, to cut the frizz.

Apply leave-in conditioner. If your hair is frizzy, you may want to add hair serum.

Style your hair. If you’d rather not blowdry regularly but still want straight hair, try this brilliant hairstyling tip (only works for longer hair)

Shampoo and condition at night, apply hair serum, and, combing sideways, wrap your hair all around your head, pinning up as you go along. So, if you start with a section just above your right ear, brush through, and pull it over your head towards the left ear, and then down, to the nape of your neck, wrapping it all around and pinning it all along. After you’ve done this for your entire hair, take a large roller and roll the top centre section in it. Go to sleep. Wake up in the morning to fairly straight hair.


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