Head to Toe

10 tips to help you look better, head to toe!


Make sure your hair is in great condition. Trim it regularly to get rid of split ends, and condition after every wash. Avoid shampooing daily, twice a week is more than enough. Invest in shine spray, so even if your hair is not in the best condition, you can still fake it!


Cover up your greys regularly. With so many hair colour products available in the market, there’s just no excuse to letting your hair go grey, or not touching up your colour regularly. Use ammonia-free colour as far as possible, especially if you don’t have more than 40 percent grey hair.


When applying make-up, blend! Nothing looks worse than a line of clearly visible rouge on the face. Similarly, blend your foundation well, taking it to below your chin and under your jaws, blending it into your neck. Choose a shade as close to your natural skin colour as possible. Don’t go lighter, or your skin will look pasty.


Make sure your arms are well toned if you are planning to wear sleeveless, and apply body lotion with a little shimmer on your arms; it makes them look incredible. If your arms are overweight and fleshy, cover ’em up! Your body too shows signs of ageing, so work out regularly, and focus not just on your tummy and other problem areas, but on your upper arms too.


Always apply deodorant, and keep your armpits hair-free.


It doesn’t matter if your nails are not long, well shaped and polished, but if you don’t have time to look after them, keep them short and clean. Although if your fingers are short, long nails will greatly enhance their beauty.


Select the right clothing for your body shape, type and weight. The correct clothing can help disguise most little bulges here and there. It’s not important to look like a Barbie doll, and no matter what your weight, you can still look and be fabulous, if you dress right and wear well-tailored clothes.


Pamper your feet


Don’t neglect your poor feet. They carry you around all day long, bear your entire body weight, and tread on all sorts of surfaces. Every night, before turning in, massage each foot for five minutes, focussing on the heels and toes. Surely your feet deserve this much pampering. Go for pedicures regularly if you can afford it.




Never step out without it!


It makes you look delicate and feminine. Wear something around your neck or around your ears before you step out. If your earings are heavy, skip wearing anything around your neck unless it is a light chain – and vice versa.


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