Nothing Frivolous About ‘Em

“How much?”

My husband’s eyes flew open in disbelief when I gifted myself a designer handbag on my 35th birthday. “It’s not worth it! It’s not even leather!”

But when he saw me don this most powerful of accessories, his heart did a back-flip, and out of his lips slipped one sound. “Wow!”

Not for nothing this pricing.

Read on – My article in The Hindu 🙂



About beautybuzzer
I'm a self-confessed beauty product junkie and fashionista. I like to dress well, and I spend a long time researching what looks good and what doesn't (It's harder than you think!). I have worked for over 10 years with various fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines, and now do some freelance writing in addition to updating my blog (very irrregularly - I hope to change that!)

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