Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch

A quick update on the beauty in my bag!

Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch

Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch


When I bought this zip clutch two and a half years ago, it could hold my money, cards and cell phone.I could rush out of the house holding just my wallet/clutch, and have all my essentials with me.

Now things have changed – more specifically, my phone has changed. It is a monster 6 plus. A bulky case serves to make it even fatter, and there’s no way its fitting into my gorgeous wallet. I can no longer use it as a clutch unless I’m okay with carrying my phone in my hand. Which I’m not. I’d rather carry a bigger bag.

Having said that, I do love my MJ. It feels so special every time I pull it out of my bag to pay for a purchase. The leather is soft and the quilting looks and feels luxurious. One of the two little pockets in front hold passport photographs of everyone in my family so I always have them on hand, while the other pocket holds change.

I would recommend this wallet more for its aesthetic qualities than its practicality. It doesn’t fit into my slimmer bags, and for this purpose alone I would not buy it again unless I have more than one wallet. I am however going to use this wallet until it falls apart – and that’s going to take a long, long time. It still looks new – and I have used it every single day for the last three years.

Which is good.

And bad.