Mustard Oil for Hair


I stumbled across a bottle of cold pressed Mustard Oil, which I had picked up from Godrej Nature’s Basket, when cleaning up my kitchen cabinet this afternoon. A quick glance at the expiry date showed me that it had another month to go, but I still wasn’t very comfortable using it for cooking. It had been lying in the shelf, opened, for eleven months, and that called for automatic disqualification for consumption. But that didn’t mean I had to toss it in the bin!

When my elder daughter was born, I had a maid from Bengal who swore by the healing powers of mustard oil. Every time my daughter had a cold, she would apply mustard oil on her back and chest. It helped. Mustard oil is very heaty, and has been used as a remedy for cold for generations in India. I also remembered her massaging mustard hair into my daughter’s scalp, and into her own, and she had jet black hair.  But that of course could be genetic.

So I thought, why not apply it to the hair? Most oils undoubtedly provide intense moisturizing benefits to hair, and it stands to reason that different oils have unique properties. It makes sense to use different oils in order to gain varied benefits. Coconut oil is very cooling, and I stay away from applying it to my scalp in the winter months. Mustard oil is actually the perfect winter oil. In addition, the act of massaging the scalp is very beneficial in itself.

Although cold-pressed oils are expensive, they are a far better alternative to refined oils. In fact, cold-pressed oils can very easily take the place of expensive body lotions, which often contain carcinogenic chemicals. After massaging a generous amount into my scalp and on my hair, I applied a few drops of the oil to my heels, which are now encased in socks. It’s been a lazy day and I have all the time in the world to pamper myself – and that’s what I intend to do these holidays.

I plan to shampoo my hair after around three hours, later this evening. Here’s hoping that the oil will not be a nightmare to wash off. I do hope that the result will be soft, shiny locks!