Look Stylish in a SCARF

I have a bunch of scarves lying in my closet basically going to rot. I never wear them! First off, it’s not that cold in Bangalore, so I’ve never felt the need, but of late I’ve been realising how damn COOL a light cotton scarf looks just as an accessory!

There are literally hundreds of ways to wear a scarf, so one of my resolutions for the new year is going to be to experiment with scarf wearing and see where it takes me! I wore a scarf yesterday with an old black t-shirt which I hadn’t worn in ages and ages. It was a terrible, out of shape t-shirt with an iron stain. All that was completely hidden under the scarf, wasn’t it? 🙂

Mango, Zara, Accessorize all sell scarves for around Rs. 1000+. I saw a bunch of scarves on Myntra.com for less around Rs. 200, but I’m not sure of the quality of the fabric. You could even pick up half-meter or quarter-meter fabulous fabric from stores and get your own scarves stitched for a fraction of the cost. Or tear up some old chunnies and convert them into scarves. Getting a few new scarves could totally transform your wardrobe and can make a simple outfit look fabulous. So before you drop thousands of rupees on a new dress, try transforming it with a scarf.

Quick tip: Always remember to wear a printed scarf with a solid, single coloured top, and you should be fine.


My New Beauty!

I love red bags! The last red bag I picked up was from Shoppers Stop or some such random store. Within a few months the red colour had peeled off and I had to chuck it in the bin. After that I didn’t see any other red bag that I liked, until my eyes fell on this baby. After spending  two days scanning the web trying to select one red bag, I finally narrowed my choice down to the Chloe Paraty and the Balenciaga City. My husband, who was on a trip to the US, went to Barneys, saw both bags and preferred the Balenciaga, so that’s what he got for me! Yaay!

He paid around USD 1650 for this bag from Barneys, which translates to slightly over one lakh rupees.  This bag is somewhat unusual, and you will not see too many people carrying it around. The Balenciaga is edgy, funky, and its got that whole rocker/biker chic look which makes it super-cute. Here’s a pic of my bag, sitting on my bed and looking adorable!


I didn’t really need a bag for work, but having said that, I imagine this would make a great work bag as well, considering its size. It’s perfect to carry all your daily essentials like sunglasses case, spectacles case, wallet, make-up pouch, phone, keys, and there’s also room left over to tuck in a kindle or ipad, as well as a few other items. It’s large enough to fit all my stuff, yet not so large that I need to keep digging inside to find stuff.

You can carry this bag on your shoulder, or you can hold it in your hand by the small handles, or n the crook of your arm.

The strap is NOT adjustable, and it’s not long enough to be carried cross-body.

I love the tassels hanging down the sides and from the zippers. The bag just makes me smile every time I pick it up. The leather is so soft, and gets even softer and super smooshy after you break it in. Apparently, the more you use the bag, the softer it will become and the nicer it will start looking. It looks nice enough to me now! 🙂

Balenciaga bags come in an assorted rainbow of fabulous, vibrant shades, but having said that, it looks fabulous in black too! The City has a zipper top, another thing I wanted in an everyday bag, and it’s super-comfortable to carry on the shoulder for hours at a time. Last night, I was carrying the bag in the crook of my bare arm, and before I knew it, two hours had passed and my arm did start to feel the pinch of the handles. No big deal, I just slung it around my shoulder using the longer strap. So, even though the longer strap is detachable, I recommend leaving it on. The strap is not too long and it looks cute hanging down the sides when you’re carrying the bag by the handles.

If you want to see more pics of the Balenciaga bag, just google it and do an image search. Tons of pics will show up, and you will be in love! Nicole Richie is a huge Bbag fan, and apparently has them in a ton of colours. I’m loving mine so much that I’d be happy to pick one up in another colour at some point. I have two beautiful daughters, and I better start building up my handbag collection so we can all enjoy them!