Drooling over my Ferragamo handbag

UPDATE: 26th June 2017

I bought this bag sometime in June, 2013. Today, June 2017, four years later, the gold links on the bag still shine as new. The leather has softened over time, but the bag has not lost its structure despite being stuffed to full capacity by my mother, who I have given this bag to because she wanted a medium-sized bag.  It still looks dressy, with not a single thread out of place.

At first, my mother babied it, carrying it with her only when she was meeting friends for lunch or going for parties, but over time she started carrying it much more frequently. She doesn’t change her daily bag at all now and uses it for grocery shopping as well as for lunch with the ladies. It’s made her life easier!

This bag is not heavy, which is important considering my mother has back issues.

She is one happy lady! 🙂 Thumbs up for Ferragamo leather. Durable, great quality leather and hardware, and you can get a good deal on sale.



JUNE 2013

I just bought the most incredible Ferragamo handbag. The Ferragamo sale is on, and I got it at 50% off – a great deal! And it’s SO PRETTY!

The bag is light bluish-grey, and looks lovely both in the day and at night.

When I think neutral I think black, cream, tan… colours I would be able to wear with anything. I rarely think of grey. So when I picked up this bag, I picked it up thinking I will wear it once in a while. But since I have bought it, I have carried it with me every single day.

Ferragamo for most of us means great shoes, but their handbags are fabulous too.  Ferragamo is a leather goods manufacturer just like Louis Vuitton, and their leather products are top notch and of the highest quality. I’m hoping the bag will last a long time – a few decades at least, if not a few generations.

Keep your designer bags well. When you’re not using them, store them in a dust bag. Rotate your bags weekly or monthly, and plan your clothes accordingly. At times we decide what we want to wear and then select the bag. The problem with this is that we are constantly removing our stuff from one bag and putting it in another, forgetting many things in the process. Plus we don’t  store the bags properly. But if we rotate our bags in a timely fashion, it will be easier to keep the bags currently not in use, safely in their dust bags.