Dark Armpits


Dark armpits are so annoying! We may not have a single hair over there, but it still looks as if there’s a stubble we haven’t gotten rid of. Ugh!

Underarms look dark not just because of the underlying hair that we can’t get rid off when shaving, but also because of the constant friction and rough treatment underarms are exposed to, like wearing tight polyester tops or sari blouses for instance. So what to do?

Shave with care

Indians have dark hair, and when we shave we only get rid of the surface hair. Hair just under the skin is still visible, and shows through, lending a dark tone to your underarms. Often this causes your armpits to look dark. Also, the abrasive action of using a razor on your armpits causes the skin to harden and darken. Apply a mild shaving cream before using a razor.

Try shaving at night so your freshly shaved skin has time to rejuvenate before being exposed to bacteria in the environment. Apply a calamine lotion to sooth skin after shaving, and if possible, increase the gap between shaves to give the skin a chance to absorb some of its natural oils.


Make sure the wax isn’t too hot. Follow up with lacto calamine to soothe skin. However, the problem with waxing is you need to wait for the hair to grow before you can wax again.

Don’t wear tight polyester clothing

It doesn’t let your skin breathe. Opt for pure cotton shirts during the day. If you must wear polyester, let it be loose around your armpits and wear it only for a short time.

Don’t be rough

Wash your underarms gently, don’t scrub with a pumice stone. Apply good quality, gentle deodorants.

Laser therapy

Laser is a great option. True, it doesn’t come cheap, especially if you factor multiple sessions. If price is an issue, then don’t go in for too many sessions. Even two sessions will drastically reduce hair growth. If you shave after that your armpits will not appear dark – especially if the darkness is due to underlying hair and not pigmentation. In addition, you can increase the gap between shaves.

Cucumber juice and lemon

Apply a mixture of cucumber and lemon juice to hair-free armpits. Wash off whenever convenient, or even the next day. In case your underarm skin has darkened, this will help lighten it.






This summer, it’s all about shorts. For the longest time I kept looking at all these teenagers around me rocking shorts, and while I thought it looked great on them, I never once thought of shorts as an option for me. Then one fine day I realised, damn, it’s HOT! Maybe it’s time I tried shorts too. So I did, and boy, am I glad.

I headed out to Marks and Spencer. I love that store. You get great basics here, just simple tanks, trouser and shorts. Can’t beat the price and quality combo. I picked up a khakhi pair of shorts, thought I’d try it and see how it looks. The shorts were kinda long, around 2 inches above the knees, so they were age-appropriate. If you’ve got the legs you can definitely wear shorter shorts too at any age. But considering I was thinking of wearing shorts in public after many years of covering up my legs up to my knees, I couldn’t go any shorter. Plus, you need to have really thin legs for short shorts, and while I’m slim, I’m not teenage skinny. So I gave the short shorts a skip. The best bet for most slim body types would be shorts that are at least three-forth the length of your thigh or longer. Anything mid-thigh or shorter is kind of dangerous territory. It may look good, or it may not. It depends on whether you can carry it off. A slightly longer length  is safe for those who don’t want to show too much leg, but still want to be cool and comfortable.

If you’ve not worn shorts in public for some time, you may wonder if if makes sense to pick out a new pair. Well, give it a shot! Once you’ve gotten over the initial hesitation and get used to seeing yourself wearing something shorter than you normally would, you will wonder how you managed all those summers without shorts, or why you didn’t wear them as often as you could’ve.

Carry your shorts with confidence. Maybe you’ll inspire your friends to try them out too. They can be a glorious addition to every wardrobe this summer. Team them with fit flops and you’re good to go anywhere!

But shorts don’t just need to be worn to the gym or when running random errands. We’ve all done that. Shorts can easily be dressed up with the help of a belt and heels. While khakhi shorts can never be dressed up, red, black or white shorts can be worn for lunches or nights out. This summer, wear your shorts all over the place and try and get a lot more wear out of them. Experiment! See how gorgeous you can look in your simple shorts.

I was so thrilled with my khakhi shorts that I hit M&S again the very next day for another 2 pairs – black and red. And since then I have worn them every single day. And babe, you will too! Happy shopping! 🙂

Shoppingggggg!! Online.

I heart shopping. I wish someone paid me to shop, and I could make a career out of it. I can’t imagine a better job! Although I know there already are some professional shoppers, I can’t imagine such a profession taking off in India, so I guess I’ll have to be content with shopping for myself and spending my own money. Damn. Image

So these days I’ve been checking out online stores, and while I haven’t shopped from any of them, it’s great to compare prices between India and abroad. My husband keeps travelling to the US, and so it makes sense for me to compare prices in India with prices in the US – and most items are invariably cheaper in the States. Also, as my brother is in the US too, it’s easy for me to have the items delivered to him. My husband will just pick them up from there when he goes, or my brother can get them.

There are great deals online too. Last week there was a flat 30% off on all items from Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. These deals are online exclusives so save yourself some money and petrol, and start browsing the online stores.

Myntra… another great website. Now I haven’t yet shopped from there, but the stuff seems fairly good. I compared prices of FCUK here with FCUK in the US, and guess what! The brand is cheaper here… Wow! And Myntra actually had a sale on, where you can buy one FCUK dress, the most expensive ones, natch, and get 2 free! Now that’s a deal.

I don’t do very low end shopping as I’m 35+, and I don’t shop very high end designer brands either. So no Versace gowns for me! But I’m happy with the mid-level high street brands for now. The quality is good, fits are good, and in my books, clothes that retail for hundreds of dollars are really not worth it unless you are buying it for a special occasion like a wedding. Even then, I’d think twice and would rather buy something more versatile, that I can get much more wear out of.

I have kids too, and while I can understand some of us not wanting to shop for something unless we try it on, surely the same rule doesn’t apply to kids clothes. Go for it! As for me, I’ve just seen a skirt I love on Mango.com. Flat 30% off on the new collection for online shoppers! Yippee!