Beauty Sleep

It’s not called Beauty Sleep for nothing. A good night’s sleep will help you look your best the next morning, so make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Your body needs the rest to recuperate and to function effectively the next day, and so does your skin.

Make sure you apply moisturiser religiously at night. Moisturiser is most effective when you are asleep, and your skin will soak in all the goodness. I apply a foot cream too, and haven’t seen dead skin on my feet in years.

Puffy, tired eyes? Black circles? Sleep will help, unless of course the dark circles are pigment-related.

Some of us like to have a drink before bed. Drinking just before going to sleep is not the best idea. If you must drink at night, do so a few hours before hitting the sack, as alcohol can interefere with the quality of sleep.

A good night’s rest is essential not just from a beauty point of view, but also from a health standpoint. When I delivered my baby, it seemed as though my memory had deteriorated. I was always forgetful, but after delivery my forgetfulness reached another level entirely. I’d go into a room to get something, and when I reached, I’d forget what I wanted. I’d give a shirt for dry-cleaning, and forget all about it. I googled it and found out that new mothers see a surge in absentmindedness because of lack of sleep. A crying baby wakes mommy up through the night, and mommy’s brain is not getting enough rest.

My daughter was constantly getting into fights at school. Her pediatrician told me to make her sleep a hour earlier. The fighting reduced substantially. Lack of sleep makes us irritable, so if you find yourself snapping at everyone, take a nap. Those frowns aren’t good for your forehead!

A power nap in the afternoon also has tremendous health benefits. Studies have shown that a short afternoon nap is good for the heart. Siestas are an ancient custom, that have only off late lost popularity because of growing demands on our time. If you are at home in the afternoons, make it a point to take a short nap, even if you get enough sleep at night.