Black is So Beautiful

Fairness creams should be banned and thrown off the face of this earth. Not only do they totally screw up your skin by using killer chemicals, they also promote insecurity, try to tell us that lighter skinned women are more beautiful, more marriageable and more successful than darker skinned women. While lighter skinned women are definitely NOT more beautiful or more successful, they are certainly considered more marriageable in certain communities.

In India, where arranged marriages are still rampant, fair skin is considered an advantage in the so-called ‘marriage market’. This is because the older generation plays a large part in selecting their daughter-in-law, and needless to say, they have little else to go on other than the family reputation of the girl, and her looks – or more importantly – the colour of her skin. This is slowly changing, but in order for it to effect a change, girls with dark skin need to stop thinking of themselves as less beautiful than girls with light skin, because they are NOT!

If a dark skin girl considers herself less beautiful than someone with fair skin, this could also be due to the fact that a girl with fair skin considers herself beautiful, makes the most of her looks, wears make-up well and carries herself with confidence. On the other hand, a girl with dark skin may feel like she’s lost the battle and may not even make the initial effort beyond applying fairness creams. Her entire beauty regime may focus on looking lighter, and she may miss out on make-up that really suits her.

Celebrate your dark skin. That’s the secret to looking gorgeous.

A friend of mine stays away from many colours which she feels enhances her dark skin colour. That’s the worst thing you can do. If you have dark skin, show it off! Wear colours that make it stand out. Stay away from dull tones and wear bright shades. Turquiose, red, yellow, all look simply gorgeous on dark skin.

Never wear foundation that is lighter than your skin tone in an effort to look fair. Instead, wear foundation that is an exact match. Apply make-up that enhances your bone structure. Highlight your facial contours, apply eye-shadow, rouge, perhaps a touch of gold.

I had gone to the regional FRRO yesterday. I saw a dark-skinned African lady there. She blew me away, she was so gorgeous – far, far prettier than all the pale skinned, mossy hair firangs out there.

Dark or light skinned, you can look beautiful, and you know it. It’s all a mindset – and most of it is in your mind. Start thinking of yourself as gorgeous, because you ARE.


Cleaning Stains from your Damier Azur LV

Diwali season = cards! I love gambling, and I love dressing up in saris for the card parties. And now, with Diwali just a few days away, parties are in full swing. I wore my Eva Clutch for the first time at a lunch bash. It looked great with my sari, and I had a lovely time. When I reached home, drunk and broke, and emptied my purse so I could put it safely in my dustbag, I noticed a small red stain. Oh damn! How did that happen!!?? I cursed the appetizers and the ketchup, wondering what fell on my bag and how was it I didn’t notice – and that’s when I realised… it was colour transfer from this sacred thread the pandit had tied around my wrist during a puja. So it wasn’t just a ketchup stain, it was dye, and it was never going to come out.

But guess what. It did!

I went online and browsed through a number of tips. I’m consolidating all those tips here, so you can try them out if you ever stain your Azur LV.

1. As soon as you drop something on your bag, wipe it off immediately with baby wipes. So it’s a good idea to always keep a sachet of baby wipes in your bag. The sooner you get rid of the stain, the better the chances that the stain will come out.

2. Take a regular eraser and try erasing the stain. Some stains will come off easily with this.

3. Rub with a damp cloth.

4. Take some soap on a toothbrush and brush the stain gently. Wipe the area afterwards with a damp cloth to remove all traces of soap. A lady on purseforum said she saw a sales assistant try this on a damier azur bag that had been brought in by a customer.

5. Take a magic eraser and cut off a small corner. Wet that little piece and squeeze out all the water as much as you can. Then, gently, start scrubbing the affected part with the eraser, in small, circular motions. If you scrub it too hard on the blue check print, the blue colour will start coming off. Try to limit the erasing to the white portion only. This is what finally removed my stain.

6. Try using make-up remover, or alcohol-based toner. You could even try bag cleaners made by other companies. I have a bag cleaner by Coach, and if the earaser hadn’t worked I was going to try that.

7. If you want to go a step further, try acetone or nail-polish remover. Chances are this can damage the blue/grey print so use it very carefuly and sparingly, to remove only the stubbornest of stains that you haven’t been able to remove by other methods.

8. Other things I would try would be applying Clorex bleach or diluted Vanish on an earbud, and gently rubbing the affected area with that.

Any more tips guys?

The Eva Clutch

Eva Clutch, worn cross-body with the chain hanging out front

My husband, my dear, dear husband, bought me TWO Louis Vuittons!!

Now, excuse me while I pause to shriek in delight….

As I wrote in my previous post, Raj, my husband, my dear, dear husband, initially bought me the Speedy b that I had asked him to get. When he was in the store, the Azur Speedy caught his eye. He went back a second time intending to buy me that. When he consulted the sales lady, she guided him in the direction of the Eva, which is what he ended up buying. It was supposed to be a surprise, but because he just cannot keep anything from me, and because he lurvvves me, he blurted it out on the phone to hear me… what else… shriek!

I have been researching the Eva clutch with maniacal intensity and have decided that I love what I see. It’s versatile as it can be worn formally with the short chain or casually by hooking on the long strap. Both straps can be removed and it can be carried as a pure clutch, but its much prettier with the chain. The chain can also be worn in a couple of ways, the strap can be made longer and shorter, and basically I can create a number of looks for the clutch. I can also chuck it into my Neverfull or Speedy b and use as a wallet or cosmetic case.  So I’m going to be using this baby all the time, that’s for sure.

I have a Bottega knot clutch which is pink, and I don’t get to carry it around that much. I certainly do use it, but somehow I tend to take it to more formal occasions. If it’s just a lunch out with the girls, my Bottega stays in my closet. I can, however, see myself taking the Eva out with me a lot, which is great because its just so much more bang for the buck.

The Azur is probably not the ideal colour for nights out although I just might be able to pull this off as a contrast. At any rate, we do get called for a lot of brunches and I can definitely carry this with me for formal occasions during the day, if not at night. The Mono Eva or the Eva Damier Ebene, which are both brown, are more appropriate if you are looking for something that you can also easily carry off at night as well as during the day.

For me, well, this will do jes fine! 🙂