Speedy B Heaven

I must admit, I wasn’t too excited about going to the Louis Vuitton boutique here at UB City, because I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything. As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband is in the United States, and the rates there are a lot less than in Bangalore. But as I needed to get a final decision on which bag I wanted, I knew I had to make the trip, see the bags in person, harass the sales people a bit to show me all the bags on my list, in all the colours, strut around in them, and decide once and for all. Just seeing the bags on the website is not the same. You really do need to model it a bit before deciding.

So my options were the Lumineuse PM in Orient – ie the orange colour, the Artsy MM, colour undecided, and the Speedy B in Orient.

I tried them all out, and fell in love with the Speedy B, monogram empriente, in Infiny – the dark blue/black shade. It was OMG Awesome. Although I thought I wanted the Orient, I changed my mind when I saw the Infiny.

First of all, the size, Speedy 25, was perfect. Yes, it’s too small if you need to lug files along, or a magazine or an iPad, but I just need it for my wallet, sunglasses case, make-up pouch, cell phone, little notebook, pen, keys and a couple other random items like a hairbrush. I would certainly be able to fit all these items into the Speedy 25. And the greatest advantage of the

1. small size, and

2. colour,

is that it works perfectly as a super stylish evening bag too.

The gold hardware looks awesome against the dark blue colour.

Unlike the traditional Speedy, the Speedy b comes with a strap, so it can be worn cross-body, on the shoulder, or the strap can be removed and it can be hand held. It looks great whichever way it’s worn.

So I came home and called my husband with the info, and he loved the bag too. He bought it for me the same day! Yes!!!!! Come home soon baby! I can’t wait to see my new beauty!


LVoing Louis Vuitton – How much is too much to spend on a bag?

My dear, dear husband is in Hawaii at this moment while I sit in Bangalore babysitting my, well, baby. I’m so jealous, but keep telling myself that I didn’t want to go anyway, travelling with a baby is no fun, and he’s going to be at work anyhow – yes, it’s a work trip. A conference calls him to paradise. There is however, one thing he can do to make me feel better about not being able to join him, and its called shopping – for a Louis Vuitton.

So I have been doing some reasearch into Louis Vuitton handbags, and boy, are they marked up in Bangalore. I have identified three bags:

Artsy MM

Audaceuse PM

Speedy Bandouliere 25

Now the prices in Bangalore are 1.8 lakh for the Artsy, 1.7 for the Audaceuse PM, and 1.56 for the Bandouliere – and they don’t have the orange one, which is the one I’m in love with.

Speedy Bandouliere

In the US, the Artsy works out to be 1.54, the Audaceuse PM is around 1.44, and the Bandouliere is 1.33.

If I buy it in the US instead of in Bangalore, I will be saving 13k or 250 dollars at the least, and over 500 dollars at the most. In Hawaii, I’m hoping, there’s going to be even more of a saving, so I’m getting excited. I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to shortlist the bags, and now that I’ve brought it down to three – actually 2, to be honest (I’m thinking of dropping the artsy. I tried it out at the store here, and the handle wasn’t very comfortable), I’m feeling better.

I’ve also been obsessing about the Multicoloure Alma, in black. The thing is, I think it looks fabulous, but I’m really not so much of handheld handbag kind of person. I’m unfortunately too much of a slouch to pull off such a crisp look, and I’m afraid that I may buy it, but end up not carrying it around enough – and I don’t want that. Also, although I think its a fun, kind of funky bag, it does look flashy with the Logo jumping out at you like that.

I am a novice to LV, the store opened around three years ago in Bangalore, along with other high end brands, and that’s when the city women started slowly going nuts over Louis and Bottega and Jimmy Choo… Up until then I’d roll my eyes in disbelief and disgust when I’d hear the price of any of these bags. What! USD 2k for a bag? Are you kidding me? What kind of person would even want to have one. There’s no way in hell I’d ever go in for something like that. And then the designer culture trickled into the coutry. Magazines starting carrying pictures of socialites flaunting their Guccis and Chanels, and the trend started going mainstream. And when slowly one by one all of my friends started carrying LVs and I started noticing others carrying them, I couldn’t help but think awesome it looked.  Before I realised it, I wanted one. Then I had to battle my own doubts about actually spending that kind of money on a bag. Buy jewellery instead, said my mother. It lasts forever, you can give it to your daughters.

Buy shares, said my husband, they appreciate.

Ridiculous, I told myself again and again. I’m never going to get sucked into something that’s nothing but clever marketing.

And then I got to the supermarket and see this lady carrying around a huge Neverfull tote, and I was in lvoe.

I have one LV, the Neverfull, in Damier Ebene. It’s a great first time buy, IMO. It’s great for everyday use, and its large size also make it perfect for travel. I have been using it constantly for three years now, and it still looks beautifully new. So I have convinced myself, quality over quantity, and now that I’m taking the plunge once more, I need to constanly justify my decision – again. It does seem like a hell of a lot of money to spend on a bag, doesn’t it?

Zara Highs

Now that Zara has opened up in Bangalore, I’m thrilled to bits. That’s not to say that I find something gorgeous in the store every time I visit, but at the very least, its opening up more and more chances for one to be better dressed in this city, which is good news.

When I first moved to Bangalore 8 years ago, I suffered a culture shock. No, I didn’t head here straight from NYC. I spent the latter part of my single years shuttling between Bombay and Delhi, and as anyone who has spent time in the capital knows, Delhiites Dress Up. And how! So much so that Bombayites seemed sloppy to me, and then, when I stepped into Bangalore, my heart sank.

Now, 8 years down the road, its a different story. Finally, some good clothing stores are making inroads into India’s Silicon Valley, and things are lookin’ good.

For most of our lives when we Indians went on holiday out of the country, we’d return with bags exploding at the seams, while amused onlookers sniggered. But the problem was, honestly, it was darn near impossible to find good western wear. The only girls who dressed well were those with relatives abroad, who would supply them with a steady stream of to-die-for outfits – ie, walmart and tj maxx tops and denim skirts.

Now, when we’re older and wiser, we attack stores like Banana Republic and Zara on foreign trips. But all that’s about to change. As Zara enters India, suddenly the Indian shopper realises that they don’t need to spend their entire holiday scouring malls.

Me, I love my red jeans! And my blue ones… both from Zara. And every single top I got from there. I’m dressing up so much better, and my husband is loving it. Buy more clothes from Zara baby, he says.

Sure, baby.

Hair Fall Woes :-(

Most of us have been through it. We tug a brush through our hair, and look at it in horror when we see more hair entangled in it than on our heads! Not a pretty sight.

Various factors cause hairfall. Chemical treatments are a notorious cause. Straighten or perm your hair, and you’re sure to see it fall out with greater rapidity than ever before. You need to pay special attention to your hair after any chemical treatment, because after this it is extremely dry and brittle. Hair needs to be conditioned after every wash without fail, and make it a point to use leave-in conditioners regularly. Oil hair once a week before washing, leave oil on for no more than an hour, and shampoo off. Try to steam your hair when you’ve applied oil, to help it penetrate the strands.

Don’t brush hair when it’s wet, as it may break. Run a wide toothed comb or your fingers through your hair when your in the shower and have applied conditioner. This will loosen any knots, and reduce chances of breakage when you brush.

If your hair is falling a lot, lay off the blowdrying for a few weeks, until you notice a decrease in hairfall.

Colouring makes hair more prone to falling, so colour sparsely, and take extra care of your hair.

Are you eating right? Eat a diet rich in Omega 3. Nuts, fish, or Omega 3 supplements are all rich sources of Omega 3. Another great source of Omega 3 are fish oil supplements. I’d recommend New Chapter, but you could go with another brand you trust.

Some women swear by prenatal tablets. The mix of mutlivitamins in prenatal supplements often work wonders for hair and nails. And if a pregnant  woman can have those tablets, trust me, it should be safe for you! But to be extra safe, speak to your doctor before starting any supplements.

Hairfall is often a result of hormonal changes, and sometimes you may just have to wait it out and let those hormones calm down and stabilise.

Stress causes hairfall and various other health issues. Do what you can to relax, and take time out for yourself. Remember, worrying about problems will not make them better, nor will it make your problems go away. Deal with stress in whatever ways you can. One of the best ways these days is to go online, and perhaps meet others who may be in similar situations. Ask for advice, rant, rave, make yourself a margarita while you’re at it, and get that stress out of your system. Don’t forget to try meditation – a time honoured stress buster.


I just got myself the Naked palette, by Urban Decay, and I’m in love! I must confess that I wasn’t really an eyeshadow kinda gal. Where’s the time? But it just takes one or two successful experiments to become a convert. I had an ancient eyeshadow palette of 4 shades that had been hanging around in my makeup case for ever. I had tried applying it randomly before, with not the best results, and then one fine day, after browsing through a couple of articles on eyeshadow application, I got it right.

I started applying eyeshadow regularly, and realised that I needed a new palette. My current one was at least 7 years old, and although my eyelids didn’t react in any unsavory way, I wasn’t about to push my luck. Sephora to the rescue!

I browsed through the website, and it didn’t take me long to realise that I had to get the Naked palette. So there’s Naked, and Naked 2. The reason I opted for Naked is that they seemed to have warmer shades, while the Naked 2 shades are more pearly. Another reason I opted for the Naked palette was that it came with an eyeshadow primer – something I didn’t have. Naked 2 comes with a lip gloss, and well, I have enough and more of those buggers! So for me it meant a little more value for money.

My husband, who was in the United States for work, brought the palette back for me. Ohh, excitement!!

The Naked palette has 12 eyeshadows, and can be used morning or night to create a number of different looks and shades. It has two matte colours, and the others are all shimmery.
This palette suits all skin colours as all the shades are neutrals. It’s not cheap at 50 dollars, but it’s going to last and last, so I figured it was a good buy and worth the money. I use it almost everyday, and I feel ‘naked’ without it! When applying at night I don’t bother applying primer as I don’t need it to last beyond a few hours of partying. But when I apply the eyeshadow during the day, I apply the primer – and it lasts and lasts! If you’re a working gal, I’d recommend you wear the primer daily so your eyeshadow stays on all day and you look gorgeous from morning to evening.

I use the brush that came with the palette. It’s perfect for me, and I’m not going to bother investing in another eyeshadow brush as long as this one lasts.

If you don’t apply eyeshadow, you’re missing out. You know it. I knew it too, but I didn’t bother earlier, because, as I said, I never got it right. But work at it – its worth it!