Root Touch-Ups

Now I know that most bottles of hair colour are sold for one time use only. Such a shame to waste all that colour! Make the most of your purchase by mixing the hair colour in the right proportion in a separate plastic container.

What is the right proportion, we often wonder. Someone once told me the proportion of cream to colourant is 2:1, but this is not necessarily standard for every bottle.  Instead, I divide the bottle and the tube into three equal proportions. This is easy to do for the cream which generally comes in a bottle. But if the colourant is in a tube, it gets a little more difficult. Remember that the bottom third portion of the tube has less cream than the top of the tube so when making the divisions keep this in mind.

Make sure you shampoo your hair the day before applying hair colour. Hair that has been unwashed for more than a day tends to be greasy, and the colour will not hold as well. My mother always shampoos her hair just before applying colour.

Don’t forget to apply Vaseline or cream close to your hairline on your forehead. Make sure no cream comes in contact with your hair.

You could use a hair colour brush for applying colour to your hair, or you could also just use your fingers – gloves on of course!  I find the sharp end of the applicator brush really useful when it comes to parting my hair before applying the colour, but you could of course just use a comb. Keep a separate comb for this purpose, or wash well after using.

I know sometimes we do feel lazy when it comes to touching up our roots, but you gotta do it! You may be tempted to rush out thinking, “Oh it doesn’t look SO bad.” It DOES! Touch your roots up regularly and you will look younger, prettier, neater and more with it. Now if you want to leave those greys untouched, that’s entirely up to you. However, if you HAVE decided to colour your hair, then do so regularly.