Pimple SOS

Never burst a pimple. If by chance you do happen to pop one, try this:

Gently squeeze out any blood.

Wash the area.

Squeeze a few drops of lemon onto a ball of cotton wool and dab on the spot. Leave the cotton on for around 10 minutes. The pimple will not leave a scar.


Zap that Zit

A few days ago I ran into an old school friend I hadn’t met for around 15 years. She had been extremely pretty in school but had bad skin. I still remember that morning when she walked into school with cheeks red.

“What happened?” we gasped.

She had had a few random pimples, but the sudden increase in acne was almost overnight. Sadly her skin never quite recovered.

Now 15 years later she’s just as pretty, with just as bad skin. It looks dry and her heavy foundation and concealer makes her face look pasty. Although I wanted to ask her if she had undergone acne treatments since school, I kept my trap shut. She had always been sensitive about her skin, and I wasn’t going to hurt her feelings by bringing it up within 10 minutes of meeting her after 15 years!

But I am definitely going to bring it up here.

There’s lots you can do to fight pimples. If the cause of your acne is purely hormonal, then medication will be needed. But before you reach the medication stage, here are some things you can try:

  • Drink lots of water – a minimum of 2 litres a day.
  • Squeeze half a lemon into a small glass of warm water and drink after meals. Good for your skin, and helps you lose weight.
  • Even oily and pimple-prone skin needs moisture. If you keep drying it out in an effort to control pimples, you will start wrinkling early. In additon, your skin will start producing more oil to counter the dryness, so fighting pimples by using harsh drying soaps on your face is never a good idea. Instead, search for products that suit your skin. Try sample sizes until you find something that works for you. If a certain product makes you break out, discontinue use and try something else.
  • Go to Sephora.com, and check out their solutions for acne or pimple prone skin. The right skin care products in combination with the right make-up can make a world of difference to your skin.
  • Your skin is rejuvenated when you sleep, so make sure you get your beauty sleep. Eight to nine hours a night is ideal.
  • Exercise makes your skin glow so work out regularly. Your eyes will shine, cheeks will have a healthy flush. But do make sure you wash your face immediately after a workout, so sweat doesn’t clog pores.
  • I have found that sitting in the car with the window rolled down and the wind blowing on my face feels great, but is murder for the skin. Roll up that window!
  • Always wash off your make-up at night. Sleep with cleansed and moisturised skin.
  • Avoid salty fried foods like wafers, kurkure etc etc. And don’t binge on chocolate. I’ve read numerous articles insisting that diet doesn’t affect your skin at all. All I can say to that is, it sure affects my skin! One chocolate too many, and I’ve a zit on my face the next day. My brother once gorged on a box filled with chocolates, the next day his face was flooded with pimples. He never ate more than one a day after that.

Cleanse your body from within, and chances are,  you’ll have good skin.

What watch?

Last night I had a dream. I was in a watch store trying out a Rolex watch. Did I buy it? I’m not quite sure, but boy did it look good on my wrist. I’m a little worried now because a few months ago I had a dream that I bought a new touch cell phone. Within a few days, in real life that is, my old cell phone was stolen, so as it happened I did indeed go and buy a new touch phone, which I totally love. So now maybe its time for a new watch, and this time I plan to follow my dream and go and buy the damn thing before my present one gets lost, stolen or damaged. Watch shops, here I come.

Which watch to buy, that is the question. The choice was originally between Rolex and Omega, but the more watch websites I browse, the more confused I seem to get. There are so many choices, and so many wonderful brands and watches out there, that its difficult to decide. I definitely need to go to some showrooms and start trying them out. Perhaps something with a large dial that pops, and with a thick metal chain, or perhaps the classic Omega constellation. It’s a difficult choice.

Then again, if I already have a fairly decent watch, (a very elegant Tissot) is it a total waste of money to buy a second, expensive one? After all, a watch is not really like a bag, people don’t notice it all that much, do they? Isn’t one elegant, expensive brand of a watch enough? I don’t have to match it to my clothes, I’m not a teenager wearing colourful plastic straps. So should I really buy another watch, or should I just buy an LV instead. How long do watches last, anyhow? Do they last generations and generations, like jewellery does? I have no idea. Help! Someone, anyone?