3 Top Tips for Flawless Skin

1. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. Fill up a bottle with water, and carry it around with you all day – it’s not that hard! Keep sipping in the car, sip when you’re shopping, sip when you’re working. Sip, sip, sip!

2. Follow your cleansing and moisturising routine religiously. We know we need to wash our faces twice a day – morning and night. But to make the cleansing more effective, try this. Apply the face wash, take a small hand towel, wet a corner, and squeeze out the excess water. Rub your face with the towel gently for around a minute, and then wash your face. Your face will get beautifully cleansed, and your moisturizer will get absorbed better. Skin will also look noticeably smoother after just a few days. Do this especially after a workout, or when removing make-up. Be super-regular with your cleansing routine. Cleanse, tone, and moisturizer your face without fail. I use Clinique’s cleanser and toner, with Hope in a Jar. My skin has never looked better. During the day, use a moisturiser wtih sunscreen.

3. Avoid eating too many fried foods, or munching on potato wafers and other salty, fried snacks. Another goody to avoid is chocolate. You don’t have to give it all up, but try to limit your intake. Although diet doesn’t have a major impact on acne, it does makes the difference between fabulous skin and spotty skin.