The Pursuit of Beauty

It never fails to surprise me when I come across people who view the pursuit of beauty as a frivilous activity. I agree that one cannot spend all one’s time just trying to look good, but a certain amount of time is not only justified, it is required.

For all the time we spend going to school, sitting for exams, attending college, getting degrees, we need to understand that along with intelligence, looks also help pave the way to success. We all know that only intelligence is not a guarantee for success. Similarly, just good looks will not pay your bills… well, it may, but that’s another story. For most of us, we need to have a combination.

Good looks are a lot more than just a beautiful face and balanced features. Those are god-given. But we can all be attractive simply by looking smart, and taking care of our appearance. When I use the word beauty here, I mean ‘well-groomed, well dressed, a stylish haircut, appropriate make-up and generally well turned out.

A person who exercises regularly and is fit, is automatically percieved as someone who is disciplined. On the other hand it is easy to think of an overweight person as lazy.

Looks do play a role in a person’s success. Not a major role, unless you’re looking at modelling or acting, but a fairly significant role – not to be scoffed at!  However, the worst thing we can do is become obsessed by the way we look. This obsession can culminate in low self esteem, a negative body image leading to eating disorders and other forms of radical behavior. A healthy, balanced attitude to beauty is very important. Beauty matters, but it is not the only thing that matters.

The other advantages of being beautiful? Your chances of attracting the alpha male are that much higher – in the end that’s really what brings you happiness, isn’t it? A good marriage to a nice, fairly good looking bugger, good money, nice children, it’s the global dream, made possible by some attention to beauty!


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