Dark Circles

Many of us are often troubled by shadows under the eyes. In some cases, these dark circles are temporary, especially when they are caused by lifestyle choices.

Dark circles are often due to a lack of sleep, or a change in sleeping patterns. Make sure to catch up on your sleep, and you will see the shadows disappear.

Alcohol does at times cause dark circles and puffiness. Keep your drinking within limits. Everytime you get drunk, you’re not doing your liver or kidneys a favour, and if the effects of your debaucheries are showing on your face too, it may be worth curbing your intake just a wee bit 😉 

Are you anemic? Is your hemoglobin low? These factors could also cause dark circles, so if you haven’t had your blood tested in a while, I’d suggest going in for a blood test, especially if the dark circles are a new and fairly sudden occcurance. Alternatively, try a daily multivitamin supplement like Centrum. Increase your intake of green veges, and eat plenty of beetroot.

If you’ve never tried yogic breathing or pranayam, give it a shot. Doing this for ten minutes early morrning will not only make a marked difference to your health, but your face is going to glow, and you will see a marked difference in dark circles and puffiness.

Try applying tea bags and cucumber slices to your eyes, and lie down for a while. In addition to relaxing you, doing this cools down your undereye area, and helps increase circulation to the eyes.

Always wear sunglasses when stepping out into the sun, to combat uv radiation and consequent effects like pigmentation.

Drink water. Lots of it!

Break a Vitamin E capsule, apply a little oil on the area under your eyes, and drink the rest. It’s good for your skin, so apply it, eat it!

At times you may not be able to get rid of your dark circles completely, in which case concealing them is your best bet. Apply concealor in a shade lighter than your skin colour just under your eyes. Blend it well, and follow up with your regular eye makeup.

Try these tips, and let me know how it goes!


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