Brow Basics

For the longest time I resisted getting my brows plucked, but when I started, wow, I loved the striking difference it made to my eyes. So if you’re thinking: to pluck or not to pluck, go for it!

The very first time around, it makes sense to go to a professional. This way, you get the perfect shape and all you need to do is keep trimming it yourself at home. If you start from scratch, it is easy to mess up the shape. You pull out one extra hair, and your eyes are going to look wonky. 

When plucking your brows, stick to your basic shape and just clean up stray hair. Don’t go for something drastically different from your natural shape. A lot of women love thin brows, and so do I, but thicker brows make you look younger. If you have very thick brows and want to keep them thin, remember that they will require a lot of maintenance and it’s easier to go wrong when plucking.

If you have a low tolerance to pain, pluck your brows after a shower. The steam will open up your pores, and plucking will be less painful.

Never overpluck your brows, always pluck slowly and carefully. Pluck regularly, depending on how fast your hair grow back. Plucking will be less painful that way, and sticking to the right shape will be a lot easier. I pluck my brows every alternate day, cleaning up stray hair as soon as it shows up, but then, my hair grows monstrously fast.

You’ll need some basic tools to keep your brows looking in top shape.

Powder: I find that applying powder to the brows cuts the grease and the tweezers get a better grip on the hair, making plucking a lot easier.

Magnifying mirror: I have a mirror that magnifies 5x times. Its brilliant, I can see every single hair! It’s very difficult to pluck hair without a magnifying mirror, so don’t try it – you will only mess up the shape. Everytime I pluck my brow hair looking into a regular mirror, it ends in disaster. I never do that now!

Tweezers: Invest in the best pair you can find. The best tweezers will help you pluck out the finest hair with ease. Get one with a slanted edge, so you carefully pick out fine hair. My personal fave is Tweezerman.

Eyebrow Pencil: Fill in gaps in your brows and plucking errors with an eyebrow pencil. Get one that matches your brow shade fairly closely. I have black brows, but always use a brown eyepencil. Black makes my brows stand out a little too strongly. Brown, on the other hand, blends in very well with the skin and with my brows. Experiment, and find the colour that works best for you.

Scissors: Get a pair of small steel scissors to trim wayward hair. This adds a great finishing touch. Use an old toothbrush to brush your brows, and trim all hair that sticks out above from the brow line. Generally you will need to trim hair on the side of your brow closest to your nose. Use scissors that end in a point, rather than those that have blunt ends, for greater accuracy. Trim your brows after plucking, not before.

Finish off by applying a cooling/soothing lotion or gel on the area.

Thinking of threading or waxing regularly? I have had my brows threaded a number of times, and the look is sleek and perfect. The only issue I have with threading is that I need to pull my skin taut during the procedure. I don’t know about you, but I’m not happy with all the stretching the delicate skin around my eyes has to go through. I know someone who threaded her eyes every week for a number of years, and the skin around her eyes hangs a lot. She is not young, but she does look older than many of her peers, and I figure this could be one of the reasons. Thus, I thread or wax my brows only when I have a big night out, for extra oomph.


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